Longthorne Gunmakers LogoHere at Longthorne Gunmakers we manufacture fine English shotguns.

Our innovative gun designs are a blend of traditional English elegance and a contemporary edge.

Particular attention is paid to details such as the weight, balance and ‘fit’ of all guns; this combined with the very best materials and our unique manufacturing process make for truly exquisite guns.

Longthorne Gunmakers

Inspired Design

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering to deliver a truly magnificent range of shotguns.

Longthorne Gunmakers

High Quality

The quality of our shotguns allows us to bring excellence and accuracy in a gun that is a delight to behold.

Longthorne Gunmakers

Our philosophy

Is simple… to produce a traditional English shotgun of unquestionable quality, at a more affordable price.

Longthorne Gunmakers

Handcrafted English Guns

Every Longthorne Shotgun is hand-finished to the highest of standards – and all guns come with a full warranty.

Our range of Fine English Shotguns

"The test gun was not only lively to use, with inherent stability, it had low recoil – a fantastic combination, only achievable through a skillful approach to action, barrels and balance."

− Wes Stanton - CEO Blaze Publishing

"…a Longthorne points without conscious effort, allowing you to shoot instinctively."

− Vic Harker - Shooting Journalist & Gun Reviewer

"The gun is just fantastic!!! It is incredible how it handles, the lack of recoil and that it never gets too hot."

− Mr. Rocchi - who sampled one of our guns whilst on a shoot in Scotland


Longthorne Gunmakers

Shotgun Barrel Innovation

Our barrels are designed and manufactured in house by a highly innovative method and process.

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Longthorne Gunmakers

Shotgun Engraving

Our shotgun engraving is a culmination of hundreds of hours of artistic design and refinement of detail.

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