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What better formula could there be for making the ultimate shotgun, than to combine the very best the modern world has to offer by way of material and technology with traditional methodology and classic English shotgun design, at Longthorne Gunmakers we have done exactly that!!

The startling result is a gun made with the precision and accuracy of a Swiss watch, which has the strength to withstand not only steel proof but ‘Magnum’ steel proof, the highest level of proof achievable in the UK today (and we believe a UK first on 12 bore shotguns), and amazingly with negligible felt recoil and muzzle flip!!

How is this achieved, one might ask, It’s all in the barrel technology. Our barrels are manufactured from a solid block of steel, including the mono block which enables us manufacture perfectly straight barrels without the distortion and metal softening problems of many conventionally made barrels’. This same cutting edge technology also ensures that our guns have a consistent point of aim and improved pattern over a greater distance.

We are a 100% English owned family company and we manufacture every part of our guns in house and tailored to our Clients requirements

If you would like to find out for yourselves how our guns perform, contact us for a demonstration

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Testimonials Dear Elaine and Jim, I have finally got around to using my new gun, and I have to say it is excellent! My wife and and I went out to a clay ground last weekend and put about 100 28g cartridges through it - it was lovely. The balance is perfect and I feel, that unlike the (other gun) when I put the gun up, it is there ready and pointing in the right place - which always helps! I love the assisted opening to - it makes firing singles and dropping the barrels to reload a joy! Very much admired by everyone too!

I went on a simulated day on Saturday and took the Hesketh as well as the (other gun) - we were expecting to fire around 500 each ( 21g) so I took both in case there was an issue with recoil - but absolutely no problems there ( you may remember my (other gun) has a "girlie" hydraulic recoil pad, as opposed to walnut), but seriously, it was perfect. Here too the gun was much admired - along with some very envious looks
- Client AW - Hampshire
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Barrel Innovation

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