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Longthorne Gunmakers


What superior approach could be devised for crafting the ultimate shotgun than to merge the pinnacle of contemporary materials and technology with time-honored methodology and the enduring elegance of classic English shotgun design? At Longthorne Gunmakers, we have precisely executed this fusion.

The remarkable outcome is a firearm manufactured with the precision and accuracy reminiscent of a Swiss watch. This firearm possesses the robustness to withstand High Performance Steel proof, the highest level of proof attainable in the UK today.

As of now, this stands as a pioneering achievement for 12 bore shotguns in the UK, offering remarkably minimal felt recoil and muzzle flip.The key to this achievement lies in our groundbreaking barrel technology.

Constructed from a solid block of steel or titanium, our barrels are engineered to produce flawlessly accurate barrels, eliminating the distortions and metal softening issues often associated with conventionally fabricated barrels. This cutting-edge technology further ensures that our firearms maintain a consistent point of aim and pattern over extended distances.Our firearms embody the following attributes:

- 100% English-made in our Northampton facility
- Proofed for steel shot
- Globally patented barrel technology
- Low-profile action
- Minimal felt recoil and muzzle flip
- Lightweight yet sturdy 

Longthorne Guns


By Car: We are about 10 minutes from junction 16 M1 in the centre of Northampton.

By Train: The closest station is about 5 minutes away (Northampton) and we can pick you up from the station by prior arrangement.

By Air:  The Closest airports are Luton (41 mls) Birmingham International (46 mls) Heathrow (70 mls) Stanstead (89 mls) Gatwick (105 mls)


Longthorne House, 1 Millbrook Close
Northampton NN5 5JF

+44 (0) 1772 811215

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