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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your guns completely 100% English made shotguns ?

Yes completely,  including the barrels, woodwork, actions (recievers) which  are designed, manufactured and built in our Northampton factory, we also do our engraving in-house.  The same applies to our range of pistols.

Why do you sell direct instead of through dealers in the UK ?

In the UK, the dealer landscape is generally dominated by larger foreign brands, all vying for a share of the market and capable of providing more substantial incentives to retailers for promoting their products. Their priority is understandably geared towards selling items that maximize profits.

Unfortunately, some UK dealers, influenced by these financial considerations, opt to speak negatively about our brand.

As a niche English-made product, we prioritize customer requirement, quality and innovation over quantity. Given England's relatively small size, we believe that managing our products in-house provides better oversight and control as well as providing a more personal service for our customers.

While this trend holds true in general, there are exceptions. We enthusiastically collaborate with exceptional UK dealers who uphold fairness and a reputable standard in their business practices, similar to the successful partnerships we have established in places like the USA.

Are your shotguns true sidelocks or trigger plates (sometimes also referred to as 'boxlocks')

We make:
  • True sidelock guns o/u or sxs
  • Sideplated trigger plate mechanism o/u
  • Standard (square back) trigger plate mechanism o/u

What are the differences between Sidelocks, trigger plates and  'Sideplated' trigger plates ?

A genuine sidelock represents a more intricate mechanism characterized by a greater number of components compared to a trigger plate. Notably, the 'trigger pull' in a true sidelock is frequently more amenable to adjustment, and the actuation force required is generally lighter.

Conversely, a trigger plate boasts a simpler mechanism, resulting in a more straightforward and expeditious manufacturing process.

It is worth noting that sideplated trigger plates emulate the appearance of a 'true sidelock,' combining the aesthetic appeal of the latter with the mechanical simplicity of the former.

Where does your stock wood come from?

We use Turkish walnut and every piece is hand picked.

Who does your fitting?

A tailored stock is an integral component of our 'sidelock' models, provided as a standard feature upon purchase. Our in-house process involves a meticulous fitting session conducted during the manufacturing phase. During this session, we invite you to participate as we assess your measurements and observe your gun mount. The stock is then meticulously shaped to your specifications, with your direct involvement, ensuring a personalized fit. In instances where attending a gun fitting is not feasible, we can accommodate provided dimensions to tailor the stock accordingly.  

For our trigger plate models, standard stock dimensions are included. Additionally, a customized stock option is available at an additional cost, allowing for further personalization to meet your specific preferences.

Can I choose my wood?

Yes, of course, we have around 700 pieces from which to choose.

Why do you advertise your guns as being the Worlds's most accurate ?

Due to our manufacturing methods, which emphasize repeatability and reproducibility (we machine from a single solid piece of steel or titanium rather than fabricate from multiple separate pieces), according  to ISO 5725-1 standards the context of "accuracy" refers to the proximity of a measurement to the true value. Precision in our measurement system, linked to reproducibility and repeatability, is defined by the consistency of repeated measurements under unchanged conditions, yielding the same results.

Do your barrels rust ?

Our steel barrels are crafted from a high-specification steel featuring on average 75% more chromium content compared to steels more commonly used in barrel production, making them more resistant to rust. Nevertheless, proper care is essential for all steel barrels to prevent rusting, including stainless steel variants. We employ a commercial hot blacking process on our barrels, benefiting from its durability and enhanced protection, as our barrels undergo no welding, soldering, or gluing. This method, commonly utilized for commercially engineered components, offers superior safeguarding compared to cold blacking processes. On the other hand, our titanium barrels are entirely resistant to rust.

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By Car: We are about 10 minutes from junction 16 M1 in the centre of Northampton.

By Train: The closest station is about 5 minutes away (Northampton) and we can pick you up from the station by prior arrangement.

By Air:  The Closest airports are Luton (41 mls) Birmingham International (46 mls) Heathrow (70 mls) Stanstead (89 mls) Gatwick (105 mls)


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