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Our Story

Meet the Stewart family, originally from Lancashire, England, and the driving force behind a legacy of precision engineering that spans three decades, with a unique touch of global influence, including a decade Down Under. James Longthorne Stewart, a lifelong engineer and master toolmaker, embarked on his journey into the world of engineering while in Australia, specifically in the realm of crafting gun parts. It was upon his return to the UK that the seed of innovation was planted during a casual conversation with a friend, ultimately giving birth to the idea of creating an exceptional English shotgun of unparalleled quality.

In the quaint Lancastrian village of Hesketh Bank, a hidden gem awaited discovery—the unassuming workshop of James Longthorne Stewart, concealed behind the family home. It was within these unassuming walls that James embarked on his extraordinary journey into gunsmithing. Over the years, he poured millions into acquiring cutting-edge engineering equipment, laying the foundation for his groundbreaking venture. However, the story took a momentous turn in 2015 when Longthorne unveiled its state-of-the-art factory in the heart of Northampton. This move marked a pivotal chapter in the company's evolution, catapulting it into a new era of precision and innovation. Yet, the legacy of excellence had its roots in James's workshop, where the very first Longthorne shotgun model emerged in 2010, captivating the world's attention when unveiled at the esteemed CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall.

But the Stewart family's dedication to craftsmanship and pursuit of perfection extends through generations. Chloe, their talented daughter, brought her natural artistic flair to the company in 2008, even while pursuing her university education. She now plays an indispensable role, designing the brand's distinctive engraving patterns, initially under the guidance of two of the UK's most esteemed engravers. Chloe's artistry has blossomed, and she is now responsible for all of the company's engraving, from bespoke designs to personalizing existing styles.

Completing the family's involvement in the business is James's wife, Elaine, a professional with a background in marketing and technical sales, who serves as the Marketing Director, overseeing the 'Longthorne' brand and advertising.

In 2011, the Company introduced the 'Longthorne' Deluxe model, later renamed 'The Buckingham 2011,' featuring intricate acanthus-style scroll engraving.

Also in 2011, Longthorne received a commission from the Duchess of Rutland to craft four guns commemorating the heritage of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. These Rutland guns incorporated the Manners family crest, ducal coronet, and the iconic peacock symbolizing Belvoir Castle, along with delicate florets and scrollwork found within the castle itself. The Duchess even mentioned Longthorne in her book, "Shooting, A Season of Discovery" (2012). In the same year, Elaine Stewart accompanied the Duchess on her book launch tour of New York and Dallas.

In 2015, the Company was granted its first UK patent for its groundbreaking barrel technology, later securing a corresponding US patent from the United States Patent & Trademark Office in 2016. Multiple patents are still pending in Europe and Asia.

2015 The new factory represents the pinnacle of modernity, facilitating the recruitment and training of skilled artisans who now constitute the growing Longthorne team. It's within these walls that James, Elaine, Chloe, and their dedicated team craft Longthorne shotguns, a brand synonymous with quality, cutting-edge technology, artisanal excellence, and opulence.

In April 2019, the 'Round Action' shotgun was introduced.

By April 2020, they completed the first demonstration model of the trigger plate shotgun.

In January 2021, the first trigger plate model was brought into existence.

May 2021 Another British patent granted.

October 2021 witnessed a historic moment as Longthorne launched the world's first titanium barrels machined from a single piece of titanium.

In January 2022, Longthorne expanded its reach by introducing its inaugural line of pistols at The Dallas Safari Club Convention in Dallas, USA.

And in December 2022, Longthorne innovated once again, introducing a completely integral machined 'fin' onto their barrels, enabling the use of a 12g forend onto a sub-gauge barrel.

And so, the captivating journey continues, guided by a family's unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the artistry of firearm craftsmanship.

Our Story
Longthorne Guns
Longthorne Guns


By Car: We are about 10 minutes from junction 16 M1 in the centre of Northampton.

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